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Sophisticated high-precision processing technologies

In manufacturing precision bearings, it’s essential to have high-precision processors and to build up prominent technologies and gain the experience of using those processors. With precision processing technology that takes advantage of such comprehensive, long-established strengths, our company has realized the manufacture of high-precision, quality products even for extra-thin-section and stainless-steel bearings, which require especially high-standard technology.

Precise surface roughness processing of 10 nm (0.01 μm) is possible by the superfinishing of the raceway.

Thorough quality control

In accordance with a quality management system that conforms to IATF16949 and ISO9001 standards, the manufacturing and quality control departments join forces to conduct thorough quality checks of various characteristics, including dimensions, precision, noise levels, friction properties, mechanical properties, and fatigue life. Advanced measuring instruments and visual inspections by experienced workers (for fine surface scratches, distortion, roughness, etc. that are difficult to recognize in image processing) are adopted in all processes to prevent the outflow of non-conforming items. Through this strict quality control system, we strive to manufacture products that satisfy our customers.

The KDM Difference
  • More Vibration Resilience
  • Longer Work Life
  • Modified Internal Design
  • High Load Carying Capacity
  • New Innovative Designed Rollers
  • Heavy Deauty Tools
  • Special Heat Treatment
  • Advanced Forging Provides Compact Internal Structure

A production system that covers a wide range of customer needs

Production plans and shift systems that meet the changing demands of customers are the strengths of our company. Purpose-built automatic machines are used for turning and grinding. In the assembly process, items in large lots are manufactured using automatic assemblers, while those in small lots are assembled manually. Such a versatile approach using various lines enables our flexible system to turn out products of 27,000 specifications by combining 856 standard models with different tolerance classes, radial internal clearances, lubricants, and the like.